Fully automatic document processing – is it possible

Have you ever imagined that working with documents will be like child’s play, and many of the operational tasks will be performed not by anyone, but by intelligent software that can handle any task? Well, now you have exactly such an opportunity – to optimize and rationalize the process of extracting information as much as possible, and then process it, from different types of information carriers – invoices, contracts, insurance claims and many more.

The specialists from https://smart-soft.net/ offer to your attention an exclusive solution in the form of software for intelligent document processing. With its help, you will improve your business in many ways – you will reduce salary costs, eliminate mistakes that are often made by employees, as well as improve your business image, establishing lasting and correct relationships with your partners. It’s worth investing in such a solution, right?

What is the best way to streamline the document processing process?

There’s no denying that manual document processing has its proven benefits. But what are we missing? If for some reason the employees in the accounting department make mistakes in extracting and analyzing the incoming information, it can cost the good image and reputation of the company.

For this reason, many people are turning their attention to investing in smart solutions such as Smart Software – it has many advantages, including saving time, reducing human labor costs, and increasing accuracy when processing any type of document.

It is good to know that the processing of forms with a clear structure and with a not so clear one is also among the capabilities of the software. Its functions allow to recognize the information in the fields and boxes (for checkboxes) and analyze the data afterwards. In terms of operational time to perform each of these tasks manually, Smart Soft’ software is an excellent way to improve our business and implement a working document classification system in company structures.

Among the capabilities of Smart Soft software are automatic invoice processing, PDF format solutions, form processing (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), OCR solutions, etc. All these functionalities give employees and their managers an invaluable opportunity to streamline the process related to document work.

The feature of the Smart Soft application is the possibility of recognizing data on PDF media – in this case the information is “captured” and then classified with the aim of a good structure of the archives and not only. Validating, sorting and archiving are among the stages during the bill payment process and the layout of important documents.

What are the advantages of intelligent software and how it works?

As we have already said, the benefits of Smart Soft’s intelligent document processing software are numerous. Here’s more on the subject:

  • the possibility to streamline the work process is defined as the most essential, which brings many dividends to employees and their managers. If in the past the processing of information received through invoices or other types of paper media was possible only through the manual intervention of people, today this can also be realized through a special “artificial intelligence” type program;
  • form processing is also possible to happen fully automatically. First the document is scanned, and then the information is extracted automatically. Next is the storage of the obtained results in the company database so that at a later stage they are available for easier indexing and searching. How does all this sound to you? Isn’t it a huge convenience for modern companies who now have the opportunity to focus on the critical moments of running their business;
  • automatic classification – this is another advantage of the Smart Soft’ software, with the help of which the work and processing of documents will no longer be a tedious and time-consuming task. The classification system will identify the documents in a fully automatic manner, which it will then sort in a way to facilitate their future processing.

Everything said so far proves the usefulness of Smart Soft software, which finds more and more frequent application. It is also used by modern businesses that want to improve their reputation and establish a well-functioning structure to make document processing efficient and beneficial to the company.

For whom this type of solution is suitable?

If you are wondering in which areas of development Smart Soft software can be used, it is good to know that it is applicable in the field of commerce, in the entertainment field, in healthcare and in many other business niches. Its wide application of the development makes it highly preferred, and its rating grows more and more over time. The feedback from the companies that use intelligent solutions for working with documents is entirely positive, and this proves the success of such developments.


If you are the owner of a dynamically developing form and want to improve its foundations and image, then Smart Soft’s intelligent solutions are your opportunity to do so and in the long term! Take advantage of the various solutions that the platform offers and establish a working document processing system.