Kindergarten ABC Kinder Care in Sofia – best choice for foreigners and their children

There is a first time for everything-first child, first words, first time doing a new activity. One of those exciting new beginnings is none other than going to kindergarten and seeing that environment which is different from anything else children have seen until that moment. All the unfamiliar friendly faces, other children their age and lots of fun games, activities and colorful surroundings can make a place inviting and seem like every little kid’s dream.

Although it might be hard for some boys and girls to spend time away from their parents initially, they always end up loving the atmosphere at kindergarten. Attending preschool education Sofia helps little ones develop and build up their skills, socialize and be more open to other children and adults and it helps prepare them for the next stages of life.

If you have decided it’s time to enroll your son or daughter in kindergarten, then this bold step will give your family a new beginning. This can sometimes sound scary but it’s way more beneficial for little ones to spend time together and be in a learning environment with a routine and days filled with various activities. The next thing for you to do is choose the best establishment for you and your children.

What should you look for

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In Sofia, Bulgaria there are hundreds of government preschools that, unfortunately, run out of free spaces pretty quickly. They are also not the best choice for foreigners because of the language barrier. If you are an English-speaking citizen from anywhere in the world and you would like your child to be taught in English your best choice would be a private preschool like ABC Kinder Care. Aside from speaking their language they have a lot more to offer their pupils, like:

  • A diverse atmosphere where everybody is welcomed with open arms and everyone is able to make friends, including parents;
  • Highest standard of preschool education in Sofia. Experienced teachers who have access to top notch programs, learning materials and methods;
  • Loads of fun games, skill-building activities for all kids: artistic, athletic and book lovers;
  • Treatment of all children equally but also emphasis on individual attention so every child can feel comfortable and special;
  • Modern facilities in a few locations around the capital to make sure everyone can find the one closest to them;
  • An experienced team of educated professionals who see taking care of children as a vocation and have been providing the best care since 2008.

Is the application process difficult

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After many years of building this preschool up, the easiest application method is provided for parents and future members. Like many things nowadays you can fill out the online registration form in the comfort of your home. After you have done that, the next step is to check out the premises, have a tour around the facilities and see where your child will be spending their days. You can talk to the headmaster about any concerning questions and then decide on a payment method that suits you best.

If you choose a full day visitation schedule you can pay in four (€1840), two (€3620) or one (€7100) annual installment. For half day visits you can only make four deposits of €1280. There is also a one-time registration fee that’s paid upon signing up. All prices are paid in euros, via bank transfer and don’t include food expenses. Once you settle on all of that, you can choose when you want your little one’s first day of preschool to be.

Our children are the future of the world and we want to prepare them as best as we can for their future. Going to kindergarten helps them make life-long memories and friends, as well as create habits, build up skills and live a happy, fulfilling childhood. Preschool is for sure one of the best choices you can make for your kids.