Is it easy to choose a kindergarten for the English-speaking community in Bulgaria

Becoming a parent is a monumental event in any person’s life, especially for those who have dreamt of having a family their whole lives. Of course, children are not only a blessing that changes our lives for the better, they are also a big responsibility that teaches us many important lessons with the countless decisions it presents us with. In their earliest stages of life, kids grow, they are busy with learning how to walk, talk and letting you know they are hungry. When they accomplish that, it’s time to send them into the world of learning, socializing and having fun.

Why the choice of kindergarten is so important

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Daycare is a very important stage in a child’s life. It’s their primary environment after their home where they spend the most of their time. This is where they learn good behavior, have a daily routine, play and talk to their agemates and where they study new things all the time. That’s why you need to know you have chosen the best establishment that will truly fulfil your son or daughter’s potential and help them feel right in place.

For parents it’s also very important that their child feels accepted and is taught how to treat people and be treated with respect. A diverse and nurturing atmosphere is a big plus, especially for foreign citizens living in Sofia who want to find the best kindergarten that also speaks their language. ABC Sofia english kindergarten is a top notch European standard daycare center that has opened its doors to all English- speaking families and is welcoming the future of the world to help them become the best they can be.

What to focus on

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With a few locations around Sofia this is a kindergarten that has been building its reputation for 13 years and has taken in children from 20 different nationalities. They proudly encourage every member to work on their unique skillset and discover what they can do. Partnerships with Sofia University and Council of British International Schools helps ABC Kindercare provide the highest standard of academic curriculums and stay on top of the educational programs. If your child goes here them and you will get:

  • A united team or parents to exchange ideas with and ability to be a part of the child’s experience at daycare;
  • Prestigious connections to leading pedagogies schools providing the best early- stage education and learning techniques;
  • Modern facilities equipped with everything your child might like to spend their time doing: drawing, writing, reading as well as outdoor activities and sports;
  • International kindergarten with diverse members where you will always feel welcome;
  • Personal attention to every child to help them feel confident and special;
  • Highly qualified educators who are fully committed to the children.

The application process is also smooth and easy and in a few steps. Once you fill out the online application form and call to book a meeting to tour the facilities, you can see for yourself where your child will be spending their time. After paying the initial registration fee and make the required medical checks and documents, you can arrange for your starting date.

Why ABC Kinder Care Centre

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It’s not an easy adjustment for the kids but also for their parents because mothers and fathers always worry about their offspring and hope they make the best choices for them. ABC Kindercare strictly follows and protects the children’s health and safety. They also encourage the little ones to embrace the changes in life and gain character strengths from early on. When you trust in other people to look after your son or daughter you want them to feel like they were their own and the caregivers at ABC have a passion for their job and children so they will do their best to make your child have some of the best memories of their childhood.