What to do to get our deposit back in full when checking out

End of lease is a new period for those who have decided to change their address. Finding the right landlord, choosing of interior for the furnishing of the new property and financial planning – all this is an integral part of the whole process of changing the home. The good news is that there are professional companies that are able to fully replace us in many time-consuming activities: moving, cleaning, repair, interior design etc.

If we want everything to be perfect, it is good to take advantage of this type of service – as far as our financial capabilities allow it. Get informed about the professional end of tenancy cleaners London and bet on the specialized approach in situations such as end of lease and so. That way you won’t feel tired or overwhelmed with tasks which are typical of a change of residence.

What is the professional end of tenancy cleaning

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living room

Professional cleaning is much more efficient and effective than refreshing the home, relying on both hands and the chemicals available in the cabinet. Every trained and experienced cleaner will do the best in the name of the great results you are waiting for. On the other hand, the benefits for you as a tenant will be much more than you even think:

  • Much more free time;
  • Fewer liabilities related to the former property;
  • A real opportunity to impress your landlord with impeccable cleanliness;
  • Prerequisites for receiving the initial deposit in full;
  • A greater chance of achieving perfect organization in important moments such as a change of address etc.

The facts show that it is not only advisable but even mandatory to take advantage of the services of some professional cleaning company like Cleaning Day London. This place is popular with its team of professionals who are ready to deal with the most difficult task to accomplish.

What needs to be cleaned when moving out

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clean bathroom

The cleaner, the better – be sure of this when you are about to release your temporary accommodation. Do not miss absolutely anything when cleaning your ex-home and get ready to demonstrate your high level of responsibility in the best possible way. Most of people wonder what needs to be cleaned to everything should be as it should be – and the level of disinfection, and the basic cleaning and those small details that everyone pays attention to. As a rule, when a property is vacated, the following procedures should be performed:

  • Floor washing and disinfection;
  • Carpet vacuuming;
  • Dust removal;
  • Kitchen appliances deep cleaning;
  • Doors, frames mirrors, glass surfaces and lightening fixtures cleaning;
  • Under mattresses cleaning, shelves dusting etc.;
  • Bathroom and toilet disinfection;
  • Sofa steam washing and many others.

It also matters how many rooms the property has. If we talk about 4-bedroom property, there is certainly a lot to think about. But if the object to be cleaned is a studio, then within a few hours the dirt will be removed. Call Cleaning Day London and book professional end of tenancy cleaning – you have never been closer to perfection.

What if you are the landlord

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The above applies in this case as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a tenant who is about to vacate the rented accommodation or you are the owner of a property you want to rent out. In both cases cleanliness is very important to leave a good impression on the other side. In your role as a landlord, you need to offer your future customers:

  • Excellent living conditions;
  • Good organization of the rooms available;
  • High level of cleanliness;
  • Beautiful and comfortable rooms etc.

Never forget to take care of the presence of cleanliness at the property. Cleaning Day London is expecting your choice. Do it right.